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What you want to know

You have a passion for caring for those who can’t live independently. Maybe you provided care for loved ones, through in-home health, a senior care facility, a group home for disabled adults, an assisted living facility, or a residential assisted living facility.

Your experience has sparked an interest in opening up your own adult foster care community to make a difference in people’s lives and possibly do it better than others – attempting to meet the highest standards possible.

You want to start an AFC Licensed Home but you wonder, do I have the enough experience; how do I find a property to lease or buy, is it easy to navigate through the licensing process, how do I fill out the application, how do I prepare for the home inspection, how long will it take before I can generate an income, how do I create the required policies and procedures, how do I fill the open beds once the license is granted? These and many more questions may plague your mind.

If you feel excited to get started, but confused, or even overwhelmed with the process, as an adult foster care system specialist, Care Provider Solutions can help. With over 14 years of opening AFC homes in Michigan, we can help save you time to open quicker to cover the investment of opening the home.

We will walk the road alongside you as a mentor, direct you down the correct paths with a structured process, provide the templates you need to open your home, and introduce you to the right people to put all the puzzle pieces together.

We help give you the confidence and problem-solving skills necessary to open as quickly as possible so you don’t have to waste time figuring it out on your own.

There are many resources online for new owners, but knowing how to use them is a whole different thing. That is where we come in. 

Follow our

simple three step process

Keep on Track – Open Faster


Application and suitable location

Reduce your stress and levels of anxiety. We will help you determine a suitable location and home modifications to meet licensing compliance.
We will save you time by working through the list of items needed to complete the licensing application and guide you through the completion of the application to submit to the State of Michigan.


Policies and procedures

Before an inspection, Licensing must see the policies and procedures for the home. Through group mentorship and video instruction we will provide you with resources, 19 policy and procedure templates, and 32 forms and links for you to customize to your business.
Separate from the group coaching, Care Provider Solutions will review your home specific policies for suggested changes and modifications before you submit them to the State.
You will learn the steps to prepare the home for contracts and marketing tips to fill your beds quickly upon license approval.


Prepare the home for inspection

Once the documents are submitted to Licensing for review. We will mentor you through the 50 steps to prepare the home for inspection.
Prior to the Licensing Inspection we will visit your property for a pre-inspection "mock" audit. We will identify potential compliance areas of concern so you can resolve them prior to the audit.
Once you receive your temporary license, we will suggest next steps to prepare the home for resident admissions and additional courses to set your organization up for success.

What you can expect from us

Opening a new home can seem tough

We help make the process easier! 

Whether you are experienced or new to owning an AFC, our support is for you if…

  • You have a passion to serve others
  • You understand the value of a mentor
  • You work well with a structured process
  • You understand your success is dependant on following the instructions we provide you
  • You want to shorten your learning curve
  • You are persistent and consistent and have a get-it-done attitude
  • You desire to speed up the process of licensing success
  • You want to collaborate and learn with like-minded individuals opening their home

Meet your ‘New Home’ coach

Nadine Carlson-Adult Foster Care System Specialist Consultant

Nadine Carlson

Co-Founder and Consultant for Care Provider Solutions.

I love to help new owners and operators reduce the stress associated with opening their first, second, or even more Specialized Licensed Adult Foster care homes. I understand it can be overwhelming, especially if you have never owned an AFC before. My combined experience of over 14 years of opening, and running award-winning homes and consulting has given me an in-depth understanding of the challenges associated with opening.

Many owners never realize their dreams because it can seem confusing or difficult.  I will use my insights to guide you to open as quickly as possible o you can focus on enriching and enhancing your life, your staff lives and the lives of the residents in your new homes!

Invest in your success

Opening Your AFC Home Consulting Cost


Divided in 3 equal installments of $1950 each
*Plus travel fees, if applicable

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question below, reach out to us and we’ll happily help you find the answer!

Care Provider Solutions “Opening a New Home’ is for those desiring to open or a current AFC Owner, Licensee, Administrator, Licensee Designee wanting to open their first home or multiple homes.

Have you ever said, “I want to run an AFC, but this startup process looks too complicated, I don’t think I have what it takes to work on this”?

  • Let us help you get through all the paperwork and get you OPEN!
  • Maybe you are good at both Administration and Providing Care. You are a rock star! Let us fine tune your skills to make more money and a profit by opening sooner and more simply.
  • Maybe you are new to the industry and have never opened an AFC Licensed Home. Our guidance will set you up for success so you can open quicker than doing it on your own.

Our fee does NOT include this cost. The current application fee for a small group home is $150.

Keep on Track – Open Faster

If you’re like most adult foster care home owners, you started your business because you wanted to…

  • Provide better quality care than other places.
  • You were born to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Work for yourself. You wanted to build an adult foster care community on your own terms so you could live life on your own terms.

You might not enjoy the paperwork involved…

You might not want to go through the startup process again if you have before…

You think your time would be better spent on other things in starting your home…

You might need to get an income stream started sooner…

The “big dream” feels more like a Big Bureaucratic Burden that keeps you up at night.

How can you start enjoying the fruits of your labor – instead of learning a whole new process for opening – which you might never need again!

That’s what “Opening a new Home” is designed for.

Licensing requires rooms of certain sizes, a certain amount of common space for the residents, proper door knobs, proper smoke detectors, door handle, other safety features, and meeting other environmental requirements.

For a fee of $750, for homes within 60 miles of Grand Rapids, we can assess the property for Licensing compliance and provide recommendations of changes or improvements to pass the licensing inspection. We can also suggest whether the property is a good choice for use.

For locations outside of 60 miles, we can conduct a virtual tour with you and guide you through the steps to make sure the property is a suitable location.

Since the State of Michigan communicates with the Licensee and Administrator for all correspondence related to opening the home, you are responsible to submit the documents to your Licensing Consultant.

The process is simple. You will create the policies and procedures specific to your home using the templates we provide. We also provide the instruction and direction to complete them to meet Licensing requirements. 

Whether you are new to the adult foster care industry or are an experienced owner/operator, we can help. We know the frustration of not having enough time in a day to get everything done – especially with all the rest of the startup details.

Your time is short and precious. Let us shorten the learning curve so you experience more financial success sooner. For experienced owners/operators, let us save a valuable resource, time, to maximize your financial success. While setting up your new home, we will also find ways to make this new home compatible with the other home or homes you already have. We can then teach you to streamline your systems to save stress and lost income.

If  you choose not to pay in full, you have the option to pay in 3 easy installments.

The first installment payment is due when you are ready to start the course, the steps to complete the Licensing process, in the amount of $1950.

The remaining two payments are billed automatically on month two and three.

For those outside of a 60 mile radius from Grand Rapids, a transportation fee for the “mock” inspection is billed separately.

You will be part of a small group of individuals. Each are going through the same journey of opening their AFC home.

The virtual meetings are structured so you will you get plenty of individual attention.

Not only do you receive our expert advice,  you have a trusted peer group pulling for your success, cheering you on through your successes and picking you up, dusting you off and encouraging you when you feel discouraged.

The home audit prior to inspection is one on one with your organization. 

Step #1 occurs on every Tuesday by Zoom from 11 am to 12 pm until you and your team is ready for Step #2.

Step #2 occurs every Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm until you and your team is ready for Step #3.

Step #3 occurs every Thursday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm until your home is licensed.

Can’t make it? Each week you have the opportunity to submit a Call Strategy Form. We can address your question live even if you are not present. 

After the meeting, you will receive a link that you can easily access to listen to the answer to your question when it is convenient for you.

  1. Payment of the State of Michigan application fee. Our fee does not include this cost. The current application fee for a small group home is $150.
  2. You are responsible for all communication with the State of MI and your assigned Licensing Consultant.
  3. With our help, you will create the documents to submit to the State for approval using the templates we provide and teach you to use.
  4. We talk/meet virtually on a weekly basis to keep the process moving forward.
  5. You recognize this is not a “done-for-you” program. Your success is dependant on following the instructions we provide you.
  6. You are able to graciously take advice and critiques.
  7. You are responsive when messages are sent to you, meaning you will open them, read them and take action.
  8. You understand that the speed of which the beds are filled is out of our control. We will provide you withWith our help,  tips, strategies and contacts to fill them as quickly as possible. The persistence, diligence and follow up is up to you.
  9. Patience. Although our processes will speed up the time it takes to open your facility or facilities, we have no way to guarantee the actual amount of time it will take to open. The time it takes to find good locations, your responsiveness, and  the speed of Licensing’s responses are out of our control. If all goes well, we have had success in new Licensee’s opening 3 months from the time the application is submitted. It could take longer.
  10. Any modifications to the home and the cost of those modifications to meet Licensing requirements are your responsibility.
  11. An understanding that you – and no one else – is completely responsible for the level of your business success. We are here to help you speed up the process of success and save you from many headaches and avoid mistakes if you follow our teaching. We cannot be held responsible or liable for your success or failure.

There are a total of 46 community of mental health (CMH) organizations  and 20 waiver organizations like Area Agency on Aging and Reliance in Michigan.

We will provide you with the timing, direction, and the no cost Specialized Licensing Application form to submit to the State so you can contract with the various agencies.

We will advise you of the right timing to contact the CMH or waiver organizations BEFORE your doors are open to fill your open beds once you are licensed.

We will provide you with the CMH and waiver agency contacts throughout the State to make the contract managers aware of your pending opening and your desire to contract with their organization.

Although required processes and procedures are similar between the organizations, we do not have a working knowledge of every CMH agency and waiver contracting requirements. In these cases we suggest working directly with the CMH or waiver contract manager to understand their expectations and requirements to contract with their organization. They are usually very helpful with this process.

We understand that generating an income stream through the people you provide care for is mandatory to stay open long term.

We will provide you with a process that includes the suggested timing to bring awareness of your home opening BEFORE your doors are open. We will instruct you on the process to follow, resources and publications to contact in order to fill your beds as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, you and only you are completely responsible for the level of your business success. This includes contracting with agencies and marketing your home to fill your open beds. We will teach you how!


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