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The How to Make Money and a Profit at Your AFC has “significantly impacted my confidence and understanding of how to present care needs to the community of mental health agencies and guardians to negotiate and establish justification for funding based on care needs. I have seen a positive change in how to communicate the needs of the clients. Funding has increased 28%, $5155 per month, in just 2 months at one of our facilities.”

Kalia G.-Administrator Licensee Designee-Brightside Living

I worked with Nadine for several years while she was running Ascension Health and found her senior care homes to be exceptional places for our clients. I have no doubt that her expertise and passion for the senior care industry will help other adult foster care owners achieve similar results in their homes.

Sandi Wake Senior Placement Specialist Care Patrol

Nadine Carlson and her company Care Provider Solutions is an invaluable partnership for my business. The Adult Foster Care world is not a traditional workspace – priorities are constantly shifting based on resident needs. A major pain point when we are needing to find resources is lack of time- finding the bandwidth to research and make those connections that will help us continue providing the best care for our residents. That is where Care Provider Solutions and Nadine has become such a gift. Nadine brings years of hands-on experience in the AFC and assisted living world- so she is a true collaborator and partner. She has created documents to help streamline industry processes, she is incredibly well connected within the assisted living industry and she is beyond generous with sharing those connections. To know Nadine is to know you can trust the process. I appreciate and enjoy working with Care Provider Solutions and I encourage anyone who is curious to take the leap and start a partnership.

Laurie Labie, Executive Director, Enriched Living of Michigan

I had the opportunity to meet Nadine while going through a Wage & Labor audit. One of my friends suggested I call her for help in meeting their expectations. She was able to help me better understand their rules and ideas to restructure how we pay our staff. I wish I would have met her before the audit started. Her knowledge could have helped save me many thousands of dollars in back wages and fines.

Stella Agonor-Gracious AFC

Thank you so much Nadine for all the help to open my home. I have a walk through this week. I’m excited for that. Thank you for all the referrals and helping me get started. Again thank you for all your support! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Andrea Zylema-Andrea AFC

I have had the pleasure of working with Nadine on business-related matters and have been truly impressed by her insightfulness as well as her ability to care for others. Nadine has mastered the art and science of running adult foster care homes and I highly recommend her as a resource for other care providers. Nadine is a true professional and a wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Nadine!

Kathy DeVries, MBAKathy DeVries, MBA· Managing Broker at Thrive Acquisition

Nadine has been a trusted and extremely reliable resource in the senior care industry for as long as I’ve been involved as an industry leader. Her knowledge in the adult foster care space is second to none in the market and her awards earned at Ascension Health have validated her passion and expertise to help other AFC owners do the same. I am confident that she can be of great benefit to other AFC owners as they work to build a solid reputation in the market.

Brian Hauenstein, CSA

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