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Audit Procedures and Preparation

Proven steps to prepare for the various types of audits so you have less anxiety

Audit organization strategies so everything you need is at your fingertips

Resources to track resident, staff and home compliance requirements to save time and stress

About this course

No matter the type of audit – State Licensing, Recipient Rights, waiver, or Community of Mental Health organizations – this course is designed to create organization and efficiency. When the time for an audit arrives, you will be ready and confident.

The thought of an audit can sometimes trigger panic and anxiety.

In this course we empower you or your staff with the knowledge and strategies to proactively stay prepared at all times, eliminating the need for last-minute stress or worry.

Whether it is a State Licensing, Recipient Rights, Waiver or Community of Mental Health audit, we guide you through the steps, provide essential tools and templates, and furnish valuable resources to ensure that you effortlessly navigate the hoops even before the auditor sets foot on your premises, prearranged or unexpected.

Our approach focuses on teaching consistent habits to streamline record-keeping, maintenance procedures, drills, and compliance with home, resident, and staff regulations and requirements.

Using simplified reminders and incorporating effective practices, you and your team can maintain a state of ongoing preparedness, making audits a seamless and stress-free experience.

Reduce chaos and conflict

Using templates and tools, learn easy processes to easily track and follow required policies and procedures so they are all in one place.

Operate with confidence

Sleep better at night knowing you are tracking the proper requirements to prevent citations.

Implement efficient systems

Save wasted time and reduce frustration. Stop the crazy cycle of panic before inspections by learning our easy to follow steps.

What you’ll learn

Being in business is tough, especially in the AFC industry.

It doesn’t have to be this hard!

Whether you are experienced or new to owning an AFC, this course is for you if…

  • You are tired of scrambling before every audit
  • You are experienced and desire someone trusted to train staff
  • You want to eliminate the ‘I know it’s somewhere’ syndrome
  • You desire to have templates and forms to keep you audit-ready.
  • You struggle with organization 
  • You value continuing education and improvement
  • You desire to keep citation free or stop recurring citations
  • You desire to motivate staff to participate in the process

Meet your coach

Nadine Carlson-Adult Foster Care System Specialist Consultant

Nadine Carlson

Co-Founder and Consultant for Care Provider Solutions.

My passion is to help owners and operators reduce the stress associated with running and operating Specialized Licensed Adult Foster Care homes. I understand that running an AFC home and meeting the expectations of various audits can be overwhelming. Over my 12 years of owning and operating multiple award-winning homes, I have successfully completed countless audits, learned the processes to stay compliant between audits, and achieved success every time.

Many AFC home owners experience anxiety due to the stress of motivating staff and staying compliant. You don’t have to figure out the process alone. I can help provide you with peace of mind and minimize the time associated with audit administration, allowing you to focus on enriching and enhancing not only your life but also the lives of your staff and residents in your homes.

Invest in your success

Audit Procedures and Preparation can be taught as coach led or online

Coach Led


*Plus travel fees, if applicable

Care Provider Solutions Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question below, reach out to us and we’ll happily help you find the answer!

Care Provider Solutions courses are for any AFC Owner, AFC Director of Operations, Administrator, House Facility Manager or Support staff.

Whether you have run AFC homes for many years or are new to the industry, this course will fine tune audit skills and set you up for audit success.

If you value learning to do things better or simpler or struggle with getting ready for inspections, this course will benefit you and your staff.

Care Provider Solutions terms and conditions policy,  includes HIPAA rules to protect the residents’ confidentiality. 

If you desire to organize and prepare a specific resident’s information for audit success, a HIPPA form release signature is required prior to review of the information.

Have you ever said, “I know I put it somewhere, I just need to get organized” or “I wish I could focus on other tasks and have someone else I trust train my staff”.

  • Let us train a manager or entire staff for you! Give yourself more time to work on other things or….gasp….maybe retire someday!
  • Maybe you are responsible for both Administration and providing care. You are a rock star! Let us fine tune your skills to make audits easier.

If you value learning and continuous improvement for both you and your staff, or struggle with getting ready for inspections, Audit Procedures and Preparation will benefit your organization.

Whether you are new to the adult foster care industry or are an experienced owner/operator, we can help. We know the frustration of not having enough time in a day to get everything done. We have worked out some simple systems through the years of AFC ownership that you will find immensely helpful for your home. Our systems keep all your paperwork organized – continuously – so you are always ready for audits. And teaching your staff to want to be on the ‘same page’ as you when it comes to paperwork compliance, is priceless.

Your time is short and precious. Let us shorten the learning curve so you experience more financial success and happier staff. For experienced owners/operators, let us save a valuable resource, time, to maximize your financial success.

We provide on-site training at no additional cost for locations within 60 miles of Grand Rapids, MI. Very often we will gather around the kitchen table or a staff office at your AFC Home. If you prefer, some AFC owners have chosen to reserve a room at a local library to train all staff at the same time.

If you’re more than 60 miles away from Grand Rapids, MI, transportation fees will be added. If transportation fees concern you, no worries, we can provide live virtual mentor led training for your team. Your course materials will be sent ahead of time.

Applying what is learned from a training is the key to success long-term. 

Some owners desire accountability and confirmation the lessons taught in the course are applied. 

At an additional fee of $985 plus transportation if necessary, we will visit the facility for a success checkup and provide a report card of successes and areas of improvement for ongoing success. 

When you check out you will have the option to add  the Post Training Success Checkup to your course.


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