Care Provider Solutions

Systems. Simplicity. Success

  • Identify what is working, and what is missing, confusing or broken.
  • Use technology and industry specific programs to simplify, save time and help accomplish goals.


  • Streamline tasks to allow more time to focus on what you enjoy or love and provide care for your residents.
  • Structure your organization for profitability.
  • Implement practices to motivate, retrain and engage staff.
  • Design home-specific checklists to prevent mistakes and ensure successful audits/inspections.


  • Employ the right staff that is motivated, loyal and passionate about providing care.
  • Attract your ideal client and create a home environment that is recognized as a preferred provider.
  • Provide a living for the owner and staff while impacting the lives of residents.

We're on a Mission to Reduce Stress so AFC Providers can provide better care

We partner with AFC operators to reduce their stress by teaching simple systems so they can succeed at providing compassionate care for their residents and making a living for themselves.

Our history

How it all began

In 2010 in Grand Rapids, MI, our history began. We had the opportunity to start opening Adult Foster Care Homes in residential community-based settings. Our goal was to enhance the lives of adults with disabilities and provide senior care for those who could no longer live independently.

Over that time, we lived and breathed what AFC owners and operators do every day. As a team we laughed, cried, celebrated, and made a difference in the lives of the residents we cared for.

We understand the intensity of stress when staff calls off at the same time a resident has an incident. We know the worry and anxiety of providing a living for the staff and the owner, while having revenue left over for home improvements or activities for residents.

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We Realized A Few Things Along the Way

Owning and operating an AFC home can be very difficult and stressful at times, which can cause sleepless nights.

It’s not only about managing the care of the residents, but also preparing for audits, hiring, motivating staff, and knowing how to adjust daily rates to pay all the bills and make a profit.

A Pivotal Moment In Our History

In April of 2022, my husband/business partner and I decided it was time to sell our Adult Foster Care Community homes to start sharing the experiences of what made our award-winning organization with others in the State of Michigan. Care Provider Solutions was created to have a wider impact than the staff and residents we served in our homes.

We Keep Our Mission Simple

Our mission is simple; to partner with AFC owners and operators to reduce stress and help them succeed.

We do that by using the many years of experience gained over opening, running, and operating AFC homes to share the processes, tools, and knowledge that helped us find success.

Our goal (and passion) is to help others succeed at opening and operating adult foster care homes in the State of Michigan.

The values that drive us


Great communicators to teach and adapt practical, simple systems that are easy to understand to meet each customer's goals.

Sharing Knowledge

We are teachers at heart. We thrive on identifying and teaching simplified processes to address customer's goals so they can increase the quality of care for their residents, reduce stress and chaos.


Resourceful and creative thinkers to help overcome the challenges associated with running AFCs.

Lifelong Learning

We are curious about how to do things better so we constantly learn about policy updates and new ways to run AFCs better and easier

Lifelong Listening

We listen to our clients to identify their needs accurately and serve the heck out of them to help them accomplish their goals.

Intentional Actions

We celebrate wins and each other and intentionally do more of what works.

To be clear is to be kind. We communicate in a way that is easy to understand.

We serve intentionally because we value our clients and the vulnerable individuals that live in their homes.

We are honest with ourselves and others.

We are curious about how to do things better so we do more of what works.

We listen closely so we are accurate in identifying needs and communicating solutions.

We celebrate wins and each other because work and life should be fun and rewarding.

The combination of Nadine’s experience, solid management abilities, and her heart for coaching operators of AFC homes results in a unique ability to benefit others. Meet the rest of the team here.

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The Values that Drive Us

We partner with AFC operators to reduce their stress by teaching simple systems so they can succeed at providing compassionate care for their residents and making a living for themselves.