Should I open an AFC home

What to consider to open an AFC home

You enjoy providing care to others. Maybe you work at an AFC, as a caregiver providing senior care or at group homes for disabled adults. Possibly you took care of a family member and desire to start providing care for others in an assisted living facility, AFC licensed home of your own. You toy with the idea of stepping out to open your own adult residential homes and need answers before you can make a decision. What should you consider when opening an Adult Foster Care (AFC) home?

Steps to take to make your decision

  1. Understand the business considerations associated with becoming a licensee . The cost of owning and operating as a licensed adult foster home provider and the time associated with opening an adult foster care community is significant. Taking time to understand the business expectations will help you make the right decision.
  2. Understand the definitions and expectations of an adult foster care provider including the requirements of the caregiver, resident care and the home.
  3. Determine the populations you will serve in your home. Do have a passion to serve and provide foster care for adults with disabilities, how about providing senior living for adults with dementia or mental illness? Knowing the population you want to serve will allow you to target your audience and focus your care.
  4. Confirm you have the proper qualifications and education requirements such as a high school diploma and at least 1-year experience serving your desired population.
  5. Determine the type of home you desire to run such as a Family Home or Group Home.
  6. Choose your location. Will you provide care from your personal home as an adult foster home provider? Will you lease a property or purchase one?
  7. Complete or update your education requirements of a Licensee to receive your adult foster home license.
  8. Create an EIN number and State ID # if you desire to open a Corporate License adult foster care company.
  9. Complete your application with a fee to license your home.

Getting help

Now that you know all these steps, you may feel overwhelmed or question whether opening an AFC is really worth it. Working with an organization that provides mentoring for adult foster care providers can help you work through these steps. An organization that can teach residential care facilities management and the process of opening and operating adult foster care homes will help you save time and money so you can open as quickly as possible. Consider working with an adult foster care system specialist such as Care Provider Solutions to help you succeed at opening and operating your home with less stress. Schedule your first appointment to get started.