AFC Licensed Home Audits Training Success

New Audit Training Gives AFC Owners more satisfaction and more time to sleep

Have you ever had anxiety or spent a sleepless night before an AFC Home Licensing or community of mental health audit? Do the stress of preparing staff and the residents take time away from the many other tasks required to run your adult residential home?  At Care Provider Solutions we understand the burden of creating easy-to-follow systems to help you succeed at Licensing Compliance. That includes knowing a simple way to check and a way to track areas of compliance so you are ready for all inspections.

Care Provider Solutions recently released a new training system targeted towards AFC Audit Procedures and Preparation training. The training simplifies how to prepare for Licensing, Recipient Rights, and Community of Mental Health Audits. 

The systems are simple, easy to follow, and easy to implement to reduce your stress and improve satisfaction surrounding efficiency. The systems are broken into three categories:

  • Organizing
  • Tracking
  • Preparing

Each category is applied to the home, employee, resident records, and compliance.

No more need to chase down a document or worry about expired documents. The AFC Audit Procedures and Preparation Training provide the check sheets, instruction, and structure to follow. The result is few to no citations from Licensing, Recipient Rights, or the community of mental health agency audits. 

What about staff and their motivation? Having a process in place is only successful when the AFC Homes staff embraces it. In addition to a structured system to follow, tips on motivating staff to embrace the methods are included in the Adult Foster Home Provider Audit system training. 

If you have anxiety or spend sleepless nights before an inspection, I invite you to contact our care planners at Care Provider Solutions, specializing in adult foster care home business consulting to learn more.