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Licensing Success Checkup

Provides confidence of inspection readiness

Corrective action plan to implement before an inspection

Knowledge of where you excel

About this checkup

Licensing and compliance audits can feel intimidating with a dash of anxiety.

Whether you are a new AFC owner getting ready to open a licensed home or an experienced AFC owner, we can determine the areas of opportunity for improvement before a Licensing audit.

At the Licensing Success Checkup, we review your home in-person for licensing compliance. Our thorough evaluation of your facility, fire safety, resident and employee records, will provide you with the knowledge of where the facility excels and a corrective action plan to implement before a licensing audit takes place. We will help give you the confidence you desire and avoid citations. 

Maybe you desire to keep staff accountable. We can help. Monthly or quarterly checkups create confidence, accuracy, and long-term consistency to save you time and money.

Operate with confidence

This inspection will give you and your team the confidence of what to do ahead of time for licensing compliance.

Improve accountability

Our non-biased support helps keep your team accountable for compliance checks for long-term consistency.

Prevent citations

Stop the crazy cycle of panic before inspections by finding the areas of improvement so corrections can be made ahead of time.

What you get

Being in business is tough, especially in the AFC industry.

You don’t have to do this alone!

Whether you are experienced or new to owning an AFC, this checkup is for you if…

  • You are tired of scrambling before every audit
  • You desire a trusted, non-biased person to review compliance items
  • You want to eliminate the ‘I think I have that done’
  • You desire to ‘know you have everything done’ BEFORE the inspector arrives
  • You desire to keep citation free or stop recurring citations
  • You desire to motivate staff and keep them accountable

Meet your coach

Nadine Carlson-Adult Foster Care System Specialist Consultant

Nadine Carlson

Co-Founder and Consultant for Care Provider Solutions.

My passion is to help owners and operators reduce the stress associated with running and operating Specialized Licensed Adult Foster Care homes. I understand that running an AFC home and meeting the expectations of various audits can be overwhelming and stressful. Over my 14 years of owning and operating award-winning homes and coaching, I completed countless audits, and achieved success every time.

I enjoy greatly helping other AFC owners accomplish the same success. It is always a pleasure to walk alongside AFC owners and their team members to give them the peace of mind they deserve.

Invest in your success

Licensing Success Checkup


*Plus travel fees, if applicable

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your question below, reach out to us and we’ll happily help you find the answer!

Whether you have run AFC homes for many years or are new to the industry, we will help set you up for Audit success.

Have you ever said, “I have too many things to work on, I don’t have time to double check everything before the inspection.”

  • Let us do the inspection for you and motivate your staff to do better! Give yourself more time to work on other things.
  • Maybe you are responsible for both Administration and providing care. You are a rock star! Let us double check your work to give you the confidence you desire.
  • Possibly you are a new AFC owner and desire to understand the process of how to prepare for an audit. The Licensing Success Checkup is for you! We can help!

Care Provider Solutions terms and conditions policy,  includes HIPAA rules to protect the residents’ confidentiality. 

We will request a HIPPA form release signature prior to reviewing any resident files for compliance.

Have you ever wondered, “Am I completing the necessary Licensing checks and documenting them properly?” Maybe you wonder if your staff and resident binders are organized properly and have all the required components.

Our thorough evaluation of your facility, fire safety, resident and employee records, will provide you with the knowledge of where the facility excels and a corrective action plan to implement before a licensing audit takes place. We will help give you the security you desire to avoid citations.

This monthly success checkup was created for owners who desire accountability and confirmation they are audit ready. 

It is not intended to replace the Audit Procedure and Prep Training course.

This inspection will provide a report card of successes and areas of improvement for ongoing success based on the lessons taught in the Audit Procedure and Prep Course.

While Licensing Inspections are generally standard, Consultants may interpret definitions of the rules differently. After the inspection, if needed, we can guide you to understand modifications to meet their individual preferences.

If you desire to hold yourself or your staff accountable to licensing standards, monthly or quarterly checks are recommended.

Maybe your preference is to double check the facility audit health prior to an inspection. In this case, schedule your Licensing Success Checkup at least a month before the scheduled inspection. This proactive approach allows plenty of time to address suggested corrective action items.


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