Getting unstuck from things that cause stress at an AFC

Getting unstuck from feeling overwhelmed

The sailboat stuck on the shore of an Oceana County beach for nine days that was freed recently made me wonder how often AFC owners feel like that sailor. Exhausted after needing a break from having no sleep for 32 hours, finally taking a break, then waking up stranded on a sandbar, confused and wondering how he got there. 

Here are some tips to break the cycle of feeling stuck in some common areas owners of AFC licensed homes have the most stress:

Use an easy-to-follow system

 If you have anxiety or spend sleepless nights before an inspection at your residential assisted living (RAL), break the cycle with this free download of, “13 Monthly Checks to Insure Successful Licensing Audits” may help. This easy checksheet provides a simple way to check and a way to track areas of compliance so you are ready for all inspections at your adult foster care community. Still need more support? Our Audit Procedures and Prep training will set you up for success.

Request a re-assessment

As an adult foster home provider or operator, you deserve to be compensated properly and sometimes the compensation may feel unfair. Re-assess your resident’s care needs. If there are significant changes, request the Case Manager write an addendum to the Plan of Service to increase the daily rate to match the care needs of the resident. Need help? Our How To Make Money and A Profit course will help break the cycle and show you how.

Give yourself a break.

Learn tips on how you can provide self-care to yourself and your staff to break the cycle of exhaustion and stress at your assisted living facility.

Fill open beds

Whether your Adult Foster Care Home just opened or you have open beds to fill, creating a reliable source of resident referrals to generate an income stream can sometimes feel overwhelming. Break the cycle by downloading this free resource on “Tips to Fill Open Beds at an AFC Home.”  

Once you have found the right resident, how do you admit them in a way your organization is viewed as professional and organized? How do you save time and frustration associated with hunting down missing information? Our Resident Admission and Management System Training will show you how to break the cycle.

Preventing Deja Vu

You don’t have to feel like every day is like the day before, Care Provider Solutions can provide your AFC with the support and expertise you need. As an Adult Foster Care System Specialist, we can help you implement the strategies and systems so you can sleep better at night and break the cycle of exhaustion and confusion. 

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