AFC Home Care Planners getting help with high caregiver turnover rates

High Caregiver Turnover Rates

You’ve seen it everywhere in industry publications and news. Caregiver shortage this, caregiver shortage that.

Care Provider Solutions knows.

Adult Foster Care Home Owners know.

Everyone knows.

But have you taken time recently to sit down and look at the turnover rate at your senior living or group home for disabled adults?

The caregiver turnover rates for last year ranged from 63% to 87% in the Midwest for home care businesses. That’s quite a range, but where do you measure up?

Your biggest expense should be payroll. Not caregivers leaving.

Are you ready to fix that high turnover rate?

Follow these simple steps to reduce caregiver turnover at your AFC Homes:

  • Identify what makes your AFC licensed home a “Great Place to Work” with a clear definition of the “Expectations of the Job”. Promote and highlight this information on your adult foster care company job listing.
  • Respond fast, hire slow. Reach out immediately to the potential caregiver once an application is received. Statistics reveal that job seekers often apply to 10 jobs at one time. The first company to respond has the best chance of evaluating the caregiver. Methodically move the applicant through a streamlined series of steps BEFORE making an offer.
  • Create a strong retention program to keep your caregivers long-term. 

Finding and keeping caregivers is challenging but it can be easier. Care Provider Solutions can show you how with their Hiring & Retention System. 

Learn in bite-size pieces and apply your knowledge immediately in your Adult Foster Care Community.

Schedule your consultation today to learn how Care Provider Solutions Hiring & Retention System can help you find caregivers and fix a high caregiver turnover rate at your facility.