A stressed out AFC Home Owner

Are the challenges of running an AFC home holding you back from success?

Identifying the struggle

Owning and operating an Adult Foster Care Community requires not only a caring heart, but also systems to succeed. Juggling the many tasks and challenges to run AFC homes can sometimes affect the quality of care provided to your residents. Do you ever struggle with:

  • Hiring loyal staff
  • Negotiating the cost of care for a resident
  • Preparing for licensing or community of mental health audits
  • Opening a new AFC home
  • Having a profitable home
  • Owning and operating your Adult Foster Care Homes

The good news is there is an Adult Foster Care System Specialist that can help reduce the stress and overwhelming times of providing senior care or foster care for adults with disabilities in a home community-based setting. You don’t have to figure these challenges out on your own.  Care Provider Solutions can help. We provide mentoring for adult foster care providers to reduce chaos, save time and increase revenue. We can help you as a provider turn these challenges into opportunities using simple operating systems to succeed. 

Watch this summary of licensed adult foster home providers learning about adult foster care home business consulting can benefit their organizations. 


Care Provider Solutions helping AFC owners succeed

What do I do next? 

Schedule an appointment to see how Care Provider Solutions can help create processes to create success and reduce challenges at your AFC, adult residential homes.